On Diana-Hekate and the horned Master

Do not, my friend, confuse the key-bearer with the Key, nor the light-bearer with the Light.

For One is the Light, the Other’s the Key. One is the Door, the Other collects the fee.

But who is who and what is She?  Here, my friend, lies mystery.


I am still trying to find words to describe a flash of insight I had the other day. I am almost certain that I will fail terribly at transmitting the small but nonetheless important clue I was given on the relationship between pale Dame Fate and the horned master of Witches.

Modern depictions of the Lord, the sabbatic goat, sometimes feature a flame (a light) between his horns. It is he, the royal Darkness that manifests as Two, that brings us the light of the opalescent mistress of starry provenance.  Truth-telling Lucifer, indeed.

It is he, who unlocks the door to the realms below the mound and the kingdom beyond the veil. It is he, who will reap and it is to him that every mortal pays the dues to cross the river




And then there is the eternal Mystery of  Mysteries, the goal within and Mother of us all. The mystical door and gate, through which all Life must pass to come into being. Diana-Hekate, Kleidoukhos and Kleidophoros. Bearer and Keeper of the Key. Is it not the Horned One, who unlocks? Is it not a key, which is needed to open a sealed door?

And yet, three-necked and many-armed, she also bears  twin-torches. Two radiant lights. Two bright stars that herald the start and end of every day. Two, that cast forth  HER opulent spiritual effulgence.  Are not her torches naught but truth-telling mirrors that reflect her light?

Inseparably interwoven. Were one is, there is the Other. All-knowing, all-pervading, all-powerful, changeless, eternal. If  one is the light, the Other turns into the key. But who is who, and what is she?



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