Avanti! Avanti!

Fellow witch upon the nameless path,

it is not only the current events in the USA that you should worry about. Unholy alliances are gaining momentum everywhere! They seek to unleash their travesty of “righteousness” upon us.

They seek to divide us, to break our spirits. They strife to cast us further into the shadows. To deny us of our rights. To benefit from our tears. They have declared war on the memories of those who died fighting for freedom. They will not stop. Not until every single one of us, who have always been marginalized, fades away.

Rise! Reclaim your power, resist!

Kindle the fires of Lucifer within the hearts of those around you! Brush the dust off the knees of those who have crumbled under the weight of oppression and teach them the art of poisoning. Salt the ground upon which our enemies try to sow their hate. Were they seek to segregate, go hand in hand and raise your fists in Pride!

Tear down their walls and hurl the stones at the thrones of despot kings. Embrace the Other and raise the Dead. For they know what we seek to avoid. Wait not for a saviour, to deliver us from the slave masters. Avanti! Avanti! Forge your knife and temper its blade in the knowledge of your worth! You are a star!

Seek justice and truth with ardent Passion! Do not settle for anything other than freedom. Work the artistry of pale Hekate against the tyrants with urgency! They do not see her darts, flung from the shadows they ignore! Tend your pacts and feed your allies, be they saints or demons.

Lend your voice to those who are forcefully silenced by our enemies and roar. Fight for equality. The new word of sin is blind obedience. Act now, lest we see each other at Lammas Night…

For one thing is certain! The Devil is real, and the pale moon is on our side!

Aradia, Aradia mia!
Tu che siei figlia del più peggiore
Che si trova nell Inferno,
Che dal Paradiso fu discacciata,

 E con una sorella, te ha creata,
Ma tua madre pentita del suo fallo,
A voluto di fare di te uno spirito,
Un spirito benigno,
E non maligno!

Aradia! Aradia! Tanto ti prego
Per l’amore che por ti ha tua madre,
E a l’amor tuo che tanto l’ami,
Ti prego di farmi la grazia,
La grazia che io ti chiedo
Se questa grazia mi farei,
Tre cose mi farai vedere,
Serpe strisciare,
Lucciola volare,
E rana cantare
Se questa grazia non mi farai,
Desidero tu non possa avere,
Avere più pace e ne bene,
E che da lontano tu debba scomodarti.
E a me raccomodarti,
Che ti obri… che tu possa torrnar
Presto al tuo destino.


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