The Wytchtrack is a bilingual (English & German) blog about the  explorations of polytheistic Seeker, who currently resides (together with his two cats and a host of nameless implings)  in Nürnberg, Germany.

His interests vary across the colorful spectrum of esoteric and occult subjects, but his focus clearly lies on European witchcraft and  sorcery as well as cartomantic divination. His  approach  to the Craft of the Wise is heavily influenced by his ongoing studies of modern  witch-cults (the reader will recognize a clear gardnerian influence, elements pertaining to modern “traditional witchcraft”  (cochranite craft, cornish witchcraft, etc.) and hints of publicly available Feri material) as well as local and foreign folklore.

This is an attempt to organize his thoughts (as well as to finally get him into the habit of documenting his studies) .

While there are many, many things in his personal practice that he either CAN or MAY (and WILL) not share, there are tidbits and musings that need to be put into “shareable” words (lest they get lost in the meandering pathways of his mind).

More personal information to follow…



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