Supreme and primordial parent of us all .

No-one knows us better than you, for you are always with us.

Eternal and changeless

I call you “nameless”, and yet there is no-one with more names than you.

Well in which every creator finds its source. Ocean of bliss. Womb of All.

It is in your sweet embrace that we taste the nectar of your mercy.

It is your eternal song which nourishes our silly, silly hearts.

Your tender touch delivers us of the ache of the ephemeral mundane.

Where else is solace to be found, but in your presence.

We ask for nothing but to remember. Remember. Remember.

Whatever we do, wherever we go. Remember.

Let the seed of devotion blossom in ours cores and let us remember.

No-one knows us better than you, for you are always with us.

Around us, within us.


Nothing but you.


(“Torus” by Heather Mclean. Heather lives and works in Calgary, Canada, tattooing at Altar, painting, drawing, illustrating, and making murals. PLEASE go visit her homepage to saturate your senses with her superb artistry )


Open your hearts and circles



In Nature, we experience multiplicity: Nature is the face from which our pluralism flows. Things can be one, but they are also many, varied and beautiful.

-T. Thorn Coyle


We are starting a new year, ready to embrace the adventures the world has in store for us. Last year we had the chance to truly see, that not everything is as we thought it was. There are unholy alliances gaining power, hostile ideologies gaining traction and fear has made it into the hearts of many.

This is a crucial time for us to lead by example. It is upon us to extend our love and our blessings not only to those we hold dear and close to our hearts, but also to all those that are being alienated by fear-blinded individuals, all those that suffer the hatred of misguided souls. All those that are cast aside for deviating from the norm imposed upon us by fascist structures are to be welcomed into our extended families if we are to conquer these troublesome times.

In order to break the curse that haunts society, we need to counter fear with love, and  rejection of the other with a welcoming embrace. We need to find ways to enable those that are deprived of the fullness of live by societal conventions to gain access to all those things we (in our privilege) take for granted.  Be it in our day-to-day lifes or in our sacred places of worship.

Yvonne Aburrow called out in her Facebook Group, asking people to blog about  how they make their rituals more inclusive.

This is something I find difficult to answer. Not because I do not ascribe to the way inclusive covens are described on her homepage , but rather because a really big portion of my rituals are conducted as a solitary practitioner. Naturally I have adjusted my rituals to fit the way I experience reality and life.

As an example, while I absolutely no problem with the common identification of the ritual blade as male and the cup as female during the “cakes and wine” part in rituals  I forgo those associations during –my– rituals often opting for different polar pairings (self/other, lover/beloved, “that which is sought”/”that which seeks”).  I

I can see the beauty in heterosexual union and procreation, but is not something I (as a gay man) am actively involved with. Yes, I am the result of such a union. But I also am the result of so many other unions that have and had to occur in order for me to be the person I am.

A big part of being inclusive is knowing who you are dealing with.  We are the officiating priesthood within our circles.   Let us adjust them to be accepting of all those that are being welcomed into them.  Know your participants, know their needs.  Find working alternatives and be ready to adjust. Nobody should ever have to say “I am sorry, I cant do that” in the middle of your rites.

Be aware of dietary restrictions as well as of physical or cognitive disabilities.  And for the Gods sake, get to know the Divine well enough to be able to describe and interact with it in as many ways as possible.

If your gods are being held  hostage by able-bodied, cis-gendered, hetero-centric chains,  break them free! If the gender-binary has enslaved them, release them!

They are so much more than what you consider possible as of this moment. Get to know them.

Yvonne also asks why inclusiveness is important? This one is easy to answer.

Feeling “left out” is a hurtful experience. Sometimes we can brush it off easily.  Other times the pain can reach our cores. Sometimes it lingers deep within us whispering lies to us. Sometimes we start believing those lies.  We start believing that  we are not “worth enough” or  that we are “damaged goods”.

And any space where somebody is subject to such alienation is not worth to be called “sacred space”.   Victor Anderson said “God is self and self is God and God is a person like myself”. And this holds true for every single one of us. 


 (design by Yvonne Aburrow)

Avanti! Avanti!

Fellow witch upon the nameless path,

it is not only the current events in the USA that you should worry about. Unholy alliances are gaining momentum everywhere! They seek to unleash their travesty of “righteousness” upon us.

They seek to divide us, to break our spirits. They strife to cast us further into the shadows. To deny us of our rights. To benefit from our tears. They have declared war on the memories of those who died fighting for freedom. They will not stop. Not until every single one of us, who have always been marginalized, fades away.

Rise! Reclaim your power, resist!

Kindle the fires of Lucifer within the hearts of those around you! Brush the dust off the knees of those who have crumbled under the weight of oppression and teach them the art of poisoning. Salt the ground upon which our enemies try to sow their hate. Were they seek to segregate, go hand in hand and raise your fists in Pride!

Tear down their walls and hurl the stones at the thrones of despot kings. Embrace the Other and raise the Dead. For they know what we seek to avoid. Wait not for a saviour, to deliver us from the slave masters. Avanti! Avanti! Forge your knife and temper its blade in the knowledge of your worth! You are a star!

Seek justice and truth with ardent Passion! Do not settle for anything other than freedom. Work the artistry of pale Hekate against the tyrants with urgency! They do not see her darts, flung from the shadows they ignore! Tend your pacts and feed your allies, be they saints or demons.

Lend your voice to those who are forcefully silenced by our enemies and roar. Fight for equality. The new word of sin is blind obedience. Act now, lest we see each other at Lammas Night…

For one thing is certain! The Devil is real, and the pale moon is on our side!

You! I! WE are ARADIA!

Aradia, Aradia mia!
Tu che siei figlia del più peggiore
Che si trova nell Inferno,
Che dal Paradiso fu discacciata,

 E con una sorella, te ha creata,
Ma tua madre pentita del suo fallo,
A voluto di fare di te uno spirito,
Un spirito benigno,
E non maligno!

Aradia! Aradia! Tanto ti prego
Per l’amore che por ti ha tua madre,
E a l’amor tuo che tanto l’ami,
Ti prego di farmi la grazia,
La grazia che io ti chiedo
Se questa grazia mi farei,
Tre cose mi farai vedere,
Serpe strisciare,
Lucciola volare,
E rana cantare
Se questa grazia non mi farai,
Desidero tu non possa avere,
Avere più pace e ne bene,
E che da lontano tu debba scomodarti.
E a me raccomodarti,
Che ti obri… che tu possa torrnar
Presto al tuo destino.

The Witches Reel

Cummer, go ye before, cummer go ye
If ye willna go before, cummer, let me
Linkin lithely widdershins
Cummer, carlin, crone and queen
Roun go we

Cummer, go ye before, cummer, go ye
If ye willna go before, cummer, let me
Loupin lightly widdershins
Kilted coats and fleein hair
Three times three

Cummer go ye before, cummer, go ye
If ye willna go before, cummer, let me
Whirlin skirlin widdershins
De’il tak the hindmost
Wha e’er she be


There is a lovely “translation” over at Sarah Lawless’ page.

Word of interest:

Carlin:  old woman, witch
Cummer: woman friend, witch
Deil: devil
Fleein: flying
Hindmost: last, furthest behind
Kilted: tucked up
Loupin: jumping, leaping
Queen: quean or quine, girl, woman
Skirlin: screeching

[WIP] Origins


(The following is a work in progress, taking inspiration from different sources)


In utter silence royal Darkness rested. All-encompassing. Neither alone nor in company, as it was  all there was and all that shall be. Fate. Nameless, older than the race that invented names. Awe-inspiring and wholesome.

It opened its eyes to see itself, reflected in the mirroring beauty of its own body. And thus splendorous Light was born, illuminating Truth. A radiant reflection of the infinite, opalescent and blinding in its beauty. A blazing star and bright flame, heralding the coming of what we call “day”.

And they, divided for the sake of union, embraced. And from their  passionate Love all of creation sprung forth. Light adorned the body of Darkness with bright jewels and shimmering garments. And their Creation was and is and will always be beautiful.

Enamored with creations beauty and proud beyond measure of what it had helped to bring into existence, Light wanted to to experience it. Light decided to join Nature. It fell and mingled with it.

It clad itself with the colorful  bounties it found, with roots and fur, with dirt and ashes, with bones and blood.   It indwelled the wind and the marrow, the tress and the gallows. Light imbued creation with its blue flame. And Lights children crowned it, two-pronged. Light became the worlds ruler, its controller and comforter. Being Truth, Light  took it upon itself to always dispel wrongdoing and Nature loved its master.

It grew more and more enamored with  the playfulness of creation until one day, glamoured by its beauty, Light forgot its own origin, it started to fear Darkness. It fled.

But Darkness loved splendorous Light dearly and wished  to receive it again into itself, swallowing it up in rapture and delight. Darkness trembled with desire while it  watched Light rule over Live and Death, giving body in its forge to many form.

So Darkness too descended into the world below the empyrean realms it dwelt in. It stripped off the precious jewels and shimmering garments, veil by veil. Seven. It assumed a form most dear to Light and gave itself into the bondage of creation.

Darkness taught Nature its own mysteries, the art of magic and sorcery, always striving for balance.  It taught the  ways of harnessing the powers that indwell creation. The powers bestowed through the star that fell.

Darkness learned the lessons of Life and thus Darkness and Light knew each other again and through  their union Darkness spins fate and Light dutifully turns the wheel. They loved their Children, for all began in Love. And all seek to return to Love, for Love is the law, the teacher or wisdom, and the great revealer of mysteries.

Throughout the ages, Light  has taken many guises and names to teach its virtues  to its children, always emerging from the sacred womb of Night. Whenever they forget about their kinship with each other and with all of creation, the coils of  its serpentine body have risen, never revealing the Light in its blinding entirety. Whenever Truth is lost because of self-made decrees and regulations, it excites  slumbering souls and  kindles within its children the flames of revolution. Despots deem it Devil in their fear.










Inspirational Sources to follow.



Anrufung des Gehörnten

Diese Anrufung wurde für das diesjährige Samhain-Ritual des Pagan Federation International Stammtisches Nürnberg geschrieben.

-This invocation was written for this years PFI (NBG) moot open Samhain ritual . English version below german text. –


Wir rufen dich! Du, der du älter als jeder Name und ohne Gestalt bist und dennoch stolz  mit Huf und Horn den Weg allen Lebens tanzt .

Du, Dunkelheit, die uns das Licht der bleichen Herrin bringst.

In deiner Schmiede schürst du das Feuer, dass in uns’rem Inner’n brennt.

Auf deinem Amboss, gabst du uns Leib und Leben.

Bei dem Duft modrigen Laubes und dem Nebel in der Nacht

Bei der Kröte und der Schlange, die am Brunnen halten Wacht.

Bei den Knochen uns’rer Ahnen und des Pfauen bunter Pracht

Schwarzer Mann, gehörnter Meister, der am Wegrand steht und lacht.

Ankou, Arddu, Janicot

Robin, Bucca, Dhul-Qarnayn

Du, der du Tür und Pforte bist, Herr über Tod und Wiedergeburt,

Öffne weit das krumme Tor und sei Willkommen


English version (please bear in mind, that this does only represent an English approximation, rhyme and rhythm naturally got lost in translation)



We call upon you! You, who are older than any name and without form,

and yet proudly partakes , behooved and with horns, of the path every live dances.

You, royal Darkness, that  reveals the light of our pale Mistress.

In your forge you kindle the fire that burns deep within us.

On your anvil you gave us form and live.

Through the smell of rotting leaves and the mists of the night

Through the toad and the snake, that guard the well

Through the bones of our ancestors and the colors of peacocks fan

Man in black, horned master, that stands at the edge of the road and laughs

Ankou, Arddu, Janicot

Robin, Bucca, Dhul-Qarnayn

You, who are the the door and port, lord of Death and resurrection

open wide the crooked gate and be welcomed!



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